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last update, September 7, 2015

This site, originally entitled "If I ever get vain enough I will have my own Web Site", is now the official web site of Timothy, Yvette, Alexander, and Quinn Nelson. I lost my Number One ranking for Tim Nelson on Google and now I am sad. And I am not even on the first page!

From the 1996 and 2002 versions of the web site

Very old pictures of  Tim Nelson or his car

Eve Robinson Memorial 1999

Tim's magazine cover (it ain't GQ, but it is for real)

The Nelson Family Chistmas Album Cover  Lyrics - Come and sing along with the Nelsons!

Soggy Cornflakes - Songs that I wrote.

You can even listen to Soggy Cornflakes.

What I do for a living

Tim Nelson Linked In

Chief Engineer at BADU Networks, Inc.

Car Counter at Federal Signal/VESystems/3M Tolling

Technology Director at Ascentium.

I Am Hip Hop - Chief Technology Officer for I Am Hip Hop.

Technology Director at AvenueA | Razorfish.

AccuPoll, Inc. - VP Software Development, a now defunct Voting Machine Company.

Street Team Marketing Web Sites - I am a web site developer in my "spare" time and have done work on a number of Street Team oriented web sites.

StrataSource - VP Quality and Methods for StrataSource, a Managed Services Provider (MSP)

Kids Report - Chief Technology Officer for Kids Report

ITconsult.com - Chief Technology Officer for ITconsult.com

Tim "The Tool-Man" Nelson from 1983 to 2000 at Systemhouse, SHL Systemhouse, MCI Systemhouse, MCI Systemhouse a Worldcom company and finally EDS.


Anime on TV - I am its primary source of funds

Tim Nelson email to tim nelson without the spaces at (that is that at sign thingy) tim nelson without the space dot com
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